In addition to the following we offer: press fits, torgue drives, press bearings, full manufacturing, and final assembly capabilities.


Advance Fabricating Machinery
CNC Plasma Cope 1200

The PlasmaCope1200 cuts to length, copes, and notches pipe and tube using a plasma cutting process.  Meticulous holes, slots, cutouts, straight cuts, and miter cuts are all possible with this automated machine.


From aluminum to carbon steel and beyond, we have the resources to offer you the highest quality friction materials bonding.


Barber Colman 6-10 Gear Hobber


• 10 ton capacity broach
• 6" max work diameter
• 10" hobslide traverse
• Triple thread precision index worm


Mazak Nexus VNC 510



•High performance features at a great value
• 30-tool magazine – 48 tools optional
• Wide machining envelope
• Environmentally-friendly with minimum consumption of pneumatic and electrical power
• Two-pallet changer optional.


We use a walk-in wet paint booth to cover both large and small projects.

Tube Bending

BLM Dynam3

The Dynam3 is a CNC tube bender for tubes up to O.O. 63mm with left or right bending sense in automatic sequence. Designed for four stack bending or 4-tool stack combined with variable radii and conventional bending. Ideal for complex pieces without straight sections between the bends. This tube bender has a variable radius function which allows for bends of different radiuses to be made on the same part.


Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 100-II


• Five axis
• Dual spindle
• Gantry
• Bar feed
• Main turning spindle from 15-40 HP
• Second spindle for back-side finishing of parts
• Y-axis milling capability
• Servo tailstock
• Automatic tool eye







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